Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit a full paper, and papers should be written in English. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Computer Science and Technology
Parallel Distributed Computing
Computer Networks and Communication
Information Storage
Trusted Computing and Fault-Tolerant Computing
Distributed Computer System
Embedded Software
Operating System
Database System
Software Engineering
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Compiler Techniques
Object-Oriented Technology and Software Automation
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Cognitive Sciences and Image Thinking Simulation
CAD/Computer Graphics(CG)
Integrated Manufacturing System
Intelligent System Design and intelligence
Intelligent Decision Support
Computer Vision and Intelligent Robot
Information Security

Communication Systems and Technology
Digital Information Processing and Communications
Communication and Networking
Wireless Communications
Cognitive radio network
Modeling & Simulation of Communication Systems
Satellite Communication
Spread Spectrum Communications
Broadband Communication Systems
Communication Software
Optimization of Communication Systems
Mobile Communications
Communication Software
Antenna & Propagation
Microwave Communication
Data Communications
Optical Communications
Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies

Multimedia Technology and Application
Multimedia Processing
Speech, audio, image, video, text, pattern, signal and location-based media processing
Multimedia coding, retargeting and transmission
3D imaging, visualization, animation, virtual reality and 3DTV
Multimedia and social sciences, art, entertainment, culture, education, healthcare, ...
Multi-modal integration, human-machine interaction and human factors
Multimedia communication, networking and mobility
Multimedia vision, security, content protection and forensics
Multimedia databases, digital libraries, and social media
Multimedia applications, services, interfaces, devices, sensors and systems
Content analysis, matching and retrieval
Multimedia standards, trends and surveys
Multimedia quality assessment, metrics and studies

Information Engineering
Information networks
Information and Scientific Visualization
Information indexing & retrieval
Hybrid information technology
Information Management Systems and Services
Information Theory and Coding Theory
Information Technology & Globalization
Geographical Information Systems
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering
Information Theory, System, and Technology
Spread Spectrum Communications
Broadband Communication Systems
Wireless Communication
Optimization of Communication Systems
Modeling & Simulation of Communication Systems
Signal and Image Processing
Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications

Network Engineering
Network architecture
Web and internet computing
Grid Computing & Applications
Network Architecture & Protocol, Optical Fiber
Microwave Communication
Wireless Sensor Networks
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Sensor Networks and Social Sensing
Network Modeling and Simulation
Cognitive radio network
Network Protocols
Network and Information Security
Peer-to-Peer Social Networks
Social Network Analysis
Neural networks and Applications
Network architecture
Network security
Computer Architecture
Networks Design, Network Protocols and Network Management
Web engineering

Electronic Technology
Software Engineering / Metrics / Testing
Advanced Electromagnetics
Electronics-Medical Electronics
Electrical Vehicles
Electrical Drive
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electric power equipment infrared thermal image temperature measurement

Other related topics

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Submission Deadline
March 12, 2019

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